Wednesday, 6 April 2011

You Put your Left foot in. You Put your left foot out. You put your left foot in and shake it all about.....

Life has been exciting in our household, in so many ways.  I wish all of you could see my world from my angle, 8" from the ground.

These past weeks seem like Christmas! These wonderful people come to my door, I get to talk to them a lot, and then they bring me boxes. Lots of boxes, which means all sorts of fun stuff like Styrofoam to spread all over the house. Some boxes have wonderful stuff like new squishy comfy beds for all of my bedrooms. Other boxes had weird things that Mom called light bulbs. At one point we had enough boxes to fill our walkway by the front door. It was like a maze getting through the boxes to get to all of the rooms. Lots of fun places to hide sisters's balls and eggs in.

Oh, before I forget, Mom gave us pups grass!  It has been nice and sunny here so our jungle was fun to run around and hide in. Mom took one of those puppy eaters to make the grass short. At first I did not like it, however, I found that I can lay with my paws up in the air and sunbath. It has been warm spring weather and I almost forgot I was not in California.

Sisters are good. Chloe has lost fur on her backside again, so she is having some mow-hawk look. Jule's parents came to visit and took us for many walks. The Romanians are great! They walk us, feed us, and even though I have no idea what they are saying, I like they are trying to speak our language. I think Chloe got into something on the walks and she keeps scratching and has bites on her. She is doing better now, Mom put some spray stuff which Chloe has not been scratching at.  Zoe, is Zoe. She has been playing this game of who can bark the loudest and longest. Chloe and I try to keep up with her, but Zoe is just sounds like a big huge dog. Chloe may be winning this game. Chloe lays on top of the couch and sees the neighborhood kids go whizzing by on some board type thing with little wheels. When we go for walks, you see all kinds of new people on these wheelie things going to school. I am trying to win the barking game. I sit by the front door and watch for kids through the glass or I bark at the TV. Here they have all kinds of commercials with Mericats. So there are plenty of things to talk to. Mom and Dad don't like this game. They have been playing the quiet game, which Chloe loses every time. Mom is smart though. If we start barking she tells us to leave it and if we are quiet she gives us these yummy treats. I bet we can bark once or twice, stop barking to her saying leave it, get a treat, then go bark again. I wonder if we keep doing this if Mom will just keep giving us treats :-)

So doing the Hockey Pokey will not be happening here. Mom hurt her left foot, so she has been wearing one of those heavy loud shoes on foot and using the metal legs to walk. She is doing much better now after lots of snuggling and us in her lap. Then somehow I did something to my leg. My left leg, like mom's is sore. Mom laughs at me, saying something about me running around and barking at the tv like nothing is wrong, then gives me a concerned snuggle. I am having my leg just give out. So Mom and Dad have been carrying up and down the stairs. Dad calls it the puppyvator as he lifts me up and down. Then a few days ago Dad was walking down, (hopefully to feed us third breakfast :-) when he slipped. There was this loud bang. Dad was, well, not the happiest of Dads, and in a lot of pain. Us kids went to investigate as Mom was making Dad lay down on the couch with a bag of frozen corn on his foot. Us kids found a whole in the wall, which Dad's foot went through. He is doing better now. His foot is all fat, different colors with some cuts on it. If I did not know Dad's feet, I would of thought this was one of Mom's.

Today was exciting. Mom and Dad took me out for what I thought was walk, then we walked over to a car. I got a car ride! Twice! I loooovvvvvveeeee car rides! Mom and Dad took me to the lady who gave me a treat last time and a passport. She looked me over, said I was a good looking dog. I knew that, but love to hear others say it. :-) Then she pulled my leg and ouch! I didn't show a lot of pain, but a little ouch. Then she did it again so Mom could feel. Dad was able to feel it as well. Then everyone started talking about the word Diet. Ugh! I am fluffy as Dad calls it. Mom wasn't looking too good through all of this and sat down on the floor. I was watching her as everyone else talked. Mom got back up and then they started talking about my teeth and belly. Lots of poking and feeling around. Then Mom didn't look good. Everyone was paying attention to me, while I was watching Mom. Mom went down. Dad put me on the floor and I went and laid next to her. The lady brought water and white stuff they called salt. I was good, I curled up next to her and put my head on her. After a few minutes she was back up. Mom seems to be fine, but will need to love on her more when we get home. Back to me, I lost weight :-) Ha! Take that! Don't mention diet to me again! The lady told Mom and Dad that I need meds. It looks like my knee dislocated. I may also be having hip problems. The lady said that I will most likely need surgery. We are going to try the med for 10 days with rest. Me rest, yeah if I have a blanket and a lap. After 10 days if I am still having problems I will have an x-ray and surgery. They will also be able to take care of my teeth cleaning and belly button hernia as well. As the lady said, I have all kinds of health issues. I get that from Mom.

So, left legs are not good here. Boxes are gone. Sun is out. Mom and I are both suppose to take it easy. Sounds like a good day to stretch my paws out and sunbath. Maybe some rolling around in the fresh grass and bring it into the house.

Til next adventure, just keep sniffing!
-Gimli Rempfer