Friday, 31 December 2010

Tis the season of boxes

Have you ever had to find something and not sure what box it is in? Chloe has this amazing ability to find her egg no matter where Zoe has hidden in.  The latest game in our house, steal Chloe's egg and hide it.  That has been our home: boxes, boxes and more boxes. Mom and Dad are great, I am one super happy pup; they got me furniture!  Well, the nice people who rubbed my belly were the ones who brought it, but still, I can lay on my back with my feet in the air on my couch and snuggle up with all of blankets.

Tis the season for boxes. Yeah the furniture came and now I have to climb on the stool to get to bed now, but we have boxes everywhere! My other new friend who delivers food to dog stores and large boxes to our house has come to visit me twice. Was hoping he would come back since he was suppose to bring me a new pup bed, but that order got canceled. :-( He brought Mom one day a large box which was puppy eater. Mom said thank you for the shampooer, but I say it is a puppy eater. It growls and chases me around the house. Then the next day, he brought her a second puppy eater! So now we have four puppy eaters in the house! Mom put two of them in the closet saying something about not being able to plug them in. 

Zoe likes to help unpack. Mom had a bag of clothes she was unpacking and Zoe decided to to help. Not sure why Mom got mad at her for helping, she was just pulling more clothes out of the bag and placing them on top of the nice folded ones. Then decided to they looked comfy and a nice place to take a nap on. I also don't understand why she does not like chewing our chews on the clothes either. They are washable after all. 

Since we are talking about boxes, Mom and Dad are still waiting on a box. Dad was quite short with someone on the phone several times this past few weeks saying something about "where is my router" and then telling Mom that they said they shipped it, again. Mom hasn't had much time on the compute because of the lack of whatever a router is. Which means I can't call and talk or see Grandmas on the phone. :-( 

That is about it for here. Lots of white stuff keeps falling. I told Dad I wanted to go out in the front yard and he said he would call that bluff. I lasted only about a minute, too cold. Few days ago the three of us played in the front and ran around. The white stuff went to the middle of my chest, so I kept having to jump to get through it. It was fun, till I got cold and wet. Mom did not like how I help decorate the neighbor's snowman that was being built. I guess snowmen are not suppose to have yellow on them.

May you enjoy a good belly rub!

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