Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Recovery time at the Rempfer household

With my tail wagging, and looking up with my big eyes Dad arrived. It was a long 48 hours, but I was finally going home. With the backpack, and one of my blankees, our journey home was almost complete. All I could do was look up at Dad and hope he understood I was hurting.

It has been a little over a week since I went to the surgeon to have my leg checked out. Yep, Grandma, I was not faking all of those times I was insisting you pick me up for the couch. Dad was telling Mom that my little knee cap was a grade 3 dislocation. It keeps popping in and out of the grove and if not addressed, I could have complications and not be able to walk down the road. So Dad took me to this huge building with a very kind hearted man who got that I am not a dog, I am Dad's little boy. Dad shared with mom, he thought this place that even have an instructional classroom, was even better than her Standford surgery experience! Surgery went wonderful according to the man in the white coat. The took care of my knee by doing soemthing that involved wires and pins. They also took care of my little bubble on my tummy that Mom said I was born with that was something called a hernia.

Mom came back from the her trip and was ready for me to curl up in her lap. I spent the weekend on Dad's lap, but Chloe was getting really jealous, so Dad ended up with all three of us curled up with him. Boy were we all glad to see Mom. She left us for two weeks. She was quite sneaky about it to, she left while we were out on a walk with Zaire, so we could not put any toys in her bag. Mom was quite tired when she returned. She needed snuggle time and lots of love, which the four of us all gladly gave. For the first week she was back, we, well, me in particular laid on her lap, chest and/or legs non-stop. Mom caught up on sleep, I had her to snuggle with and my blankee. (really Mom's blankee, but I burrow in it, so it is kinda of mine) and slowing counting down 12 weeks of not being able to walk. I am eating some canned food, which isn't too bad, but Dad and Mom are only giving me a small amount saying something about prescription diet food. Atleast it is mushy and not the dry food that tastes like cardboard. OH! Grandma's sent us chicken crack! I got yelled out because I was almost in midday with a jump to the package when Mom and Dad caught me. They just don't understand how good that is!

Zoe has now joined in wearing this stupid cone. Dad woke up on Sunday and saw she had something wrong with her tummy. Dad took her in the backpack and came back several hours later with her in a cone, smelling funny and acting really funny. Mom told Grandma that Zoe got a laceration on her stomach, it was deep, and now she has stitches. We are not sure what happened to her, but it looks like she was jumping and her tummy got caught on something. Either way, Mom and Dad now have both of us in cones, on laps, and not able to walk. Mom and Dad are taking all of us to our favorite vet, Nickiana, who is a few blocks away from her. (She calls and checks up on me, and now Zoe all the time). Zoe will be in one backpack, I will be in another, and Chloe will get to walk. Zoe has a check up tomorrow to see if they can take some tubes out. Then we get to go back on the following Monday for me to get my stitches out, and then the week after Zoe to get her stitches out.

Mom has been up with us and attending to all of our needs, while Dad has been at work. Dad has been great about giving her a break when  he comes home and helping out. I am wondering when Dad is going to get tired of quick meals, sandwiches or cereal for dinner since that is what they have been eating so they don't have to clean. I kept telling them to try the mushy food, but they don't seem to want to try it.

Dad is doing well. He took some time for himself and played on the computer while we all slept in him and mom these weekend. He missed Mom.

Mom is doing much better after getting some rest. She has been curled on the couch with us all curled up with her all week. She has also been on the computer as well working on the class she is designing.

That is it for our household. We are all recovering. If you decide to visit, expect sandwiches and bring blankees :-)


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