Saturday, 21 January 2012

Quick note- off to the Hospital

This is Mellissa, Gimli is in no form to be writing to everyone.  Quick update. He ha been dealing a variety of medical issues since Christmas. Found out he had an ulcer in his eye so he had a procedure twice to help heal it from an eye vet. Then last week I thought he was not walking up the stairs because he could not see them. Turns to find out he has a back injury so we have been informed that it would be 4 weeks of no walking. Today we went in to pick up more meds and I spoke with the vet about his current symptoms, and out wonderful vet Nikianna asked us to bring him right in.

He is being sent to a vet surgical hospital first thing tomorrow morning. He is not walking and showing weakness in his legs. She thinks he has a slipped disk. The hospital will put him under to run some tests and based on the results go straight into back surgery. He could be in the hospital for a week.

Will now more after the visit with the neurologist tomorrow.


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