Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Home from the Hospital

So, I am home. I am very very woofy tired and just want to be left everyone. No more poking me, making me move, or making my legs move. No more messing with my eyes or take my measurements. I am tired, and grumpy and drugged.

Mom said the vet called me a Gremlin. One minute I was nice, then the next, well, enough was enough. They kept trying to get blood from me. I am like Grandma, no blood, leave me alone! Grrrrr!!!!! Nice and loving if you just love on me.

My back is cold, they shaved all of what little fur I had. Don't they know I won't be able to hide my 9 inch scar once I am healed with fur? Two teenage boys where checking me out on the train ride. I impressed them with my battle wounds. I am a tough dog, even if I am riding in a large rolling clubhouse getting looks. At least I can look out at others and enjoy the ride as much as I can.

Saw a different eye doctor there. Instead of fussing with my eye, he has his pets take blood from me and they make something with my blood which goes back into my eye. They are weird, but for as much as I am awake Mom and Dad seem impressed.ok, I was being a gremlin.

Sisters were happy to see me. I was too much into la la land, but did lick them back for a brief moment.


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